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#1 Posted : Thursday, July 25, 2013 2:41:27 AM(UTC)


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Stuck in Sand- Dont Worry !!!
Emirates Offroaders Marshals will always be there to help you in any situation and assist you in a smooth recovery.

Listen to the guidance of the Marshals when you are stuck and they can guide you to self recovery. Sometimes a simple left right movement with your steering and steady acceleration is enough. listen and learn.

Below I have discussed some key points to remember. I hope you enjoy the read.

Self Recovery
If you get stuck in sand, firstly check that you have engaged 4WD and 4 wheel Low gear. Once stopped, first try reversing over your tracks. If you cannot get out of the situation in reverse in one try, get out and deflate tires more. Check that the diff is clear - usually by now it is deep in the sand and you'll need to dig it out with a showel. If the sand is particularly soft it sometimes helps to clear 4 tracks - one for each tire. This is also a good method for reversing out of the stuck.

Always make sure you check the the rope, shackles and front and back towing points for before you head out with your 4x4. Also make sure you are connecting the tow rope to the manufacturer's recommended towing point on each car (see the car's manual if you are not sure about safe tow points= or ask a Marshal).

It is advisable to use tow ropes which have the fabric looped at the end, and then using a separate D shackle (rated) to attach it to the car, rather than the cheaper ropes that you can buy from Madina Supermarket for AED 20 with integrated hooks- which can be used to pull a small vehicle on road but not a 4x4 in sand. When attaching the D shackle, try and keep the loop side on the car and the rope on the flat pin side, and once you have done the pin up, undo it by a quarter or half turn. This will prevent it getting jammed. Once I had a Newbie attach shackle on my car which got stuck and had to cut the rope.
Always make sure that spectators are well away from the reach of a snapped rope, or shackle. Using a safety bag filled with sand over the rope, or a heavy blanket, or car mat may help to mitigate backlash in the event the rope snaps and swings around. I have seen this happening resulting in broken windows and also injuring other offroaders.

Agree a communication method between the drivers, whether by radio or horn blasts ("ready" "stop" etc ... normally two honks means ready to tow)

Make sure the recovery car is on firm ground, and preferably pointing downslope - choose the path of least resistance for both cars, with the priority on the recovery car. The direction is where most offroaders get it wrong resulting in the recovery vehicle stuck as well. Always check the best possible position before towing. In most cases try to keep recovery vehicle in line with the stuck vehicle.
Make life easier for the recovery vehicle by clearing sand from the stranded vehicle's tires, and using sand ladders if you have them (Most of us are lazy to do this, but doing this makes the pull easy and quick)

The Steady Pull
In most situations a steady pull is sufficient. The recovery car takes up the slack, the stranded car engages gear, and if possible keeps the wheels straight, and the recovery car proceeds forward at a steady pace. Once the stranded car is free and on firm ground, both cars stop with the recovered car leaving a small amount of slack in the rope for easy removal.
The driver of the stranded car must make sure he does not get the tow rope caught around his axle when the tow rope goes slack. (Use two honks to stop the towing)

The Snatch
It is possible to buy specific snatch / kinetic ropes, which have a bit more elasticity in them than a normal tow rope. Practice using these, as they do behave quite differently to a normal tow rope. If you are using a normal tow rope to perform a "snatch" recovery, remember that the shorter your rope is, the less give it will have. It's not so difficult to pull the front end of a car with a violent snatch maneuver on rope which has no give in it, and then you're really left with two stranded cars!
The snatch is useful when you may be restricted by space; the recovery car is liable to get caught up itself; or the recovery car doesn't have enough strength to power the stranded car out.

The recovery car lines up so that the snatch rope is a little loose and then accelerates forward so that there is a jolt on the rope, hopefully tugging the stranded car out in one movement. How loose the recovery car leaves the snatch rope will depend on the weight of each car and how stuck the stranded car is. Hence, practice makes for perfect judgment (and a less expensive repair bill)!

It is always advisable to use a heavier vehicle to recover. A lighter vehicle will have to exert more stress than the heavier vehicle. Eg. Use a landcruiser to recover a Nissan Patrol and vice versa.

See you soon on sand.

BLUETOY (Imran Express)

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#2 Posted : Thursday, July 25, 2013 8:13:13 AM(UTC)

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Excellent sir !

Jayesh Krishnan
050 8572027
#3 Posted : Saturday, May 6, 2017 12:57:46 PM(UTC)


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Approximate cost for kinetic rope 10mtr
#4 Posted : Saturday, May 6, 2017 7:18:12 PM(UTC)


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Originally Posted by: majoajohn Go to Quoted Post

Approximate cost for kinetic rope 10mtr

30ft Snatch rope will cost around 350 dhs, you can find them in Ace, Ramy, Icon etc etc The AOR one is rated to 29K lbs which is plenty good enough
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