Frequently Asked Questions

Here are few of the frequently asked questions and few seldom asked. We are sure this might run in your head as well

If Off-roading is you calling, remember it does consume some time but worth the experience.

  • Have a off-road vehicle with a dedicated 4×4 engaging gears
  • Get a basic manual deflator that looks like a short screw driver
  • Get a flag, its necessary to show where and which side of the dune you are at
  • A VHF radio that can manually be programmed
  • A compressor 120 to 150 liters per minute
  • At least 2 to 3 liters of water per person every drive
  • Few things to munch for yourself
  • Listen carefully to the instructions given, it is briefed for your safety
  • And lastly not the least sufficient for all a Large BAG full of Laughter and Humour


If you are joining our convoy for the first time

  • Get a basic manual deflator that looks like a short screw driver
  • Get a flag, its necessary to show where and which side of the dune you are at
  • A VHF radio that can manually be programmed

Emirates Offroaders is a reputable offroading group based in Dubai, established in 2012. The group follows a structured process for driver progression, focusing not only on technical skills but also on the development of interpersonal abilities and preparedness with proper equipment.

The offroading journey with Emirates Offroaders begins as a “Newbee” level, where drivers are encouraged to learn the basics of offroading, understand their vehicles, and gain confidence in tackling different terrains. Newbee drivers receive guidance and support from experienced group members and instructors to enhance their skills.

As a Newbee driver progresses and demonstrates proficiency in both technical and people skills, they can advance to the “Intermediate” level. At this stage, drivers further strengthen their offroading capabilities, improve their knowledge of recovery techniques, and become more self-reliant in handling challenging situations.

The next level is “Advance,” which signifies a higher level of offroading competency. Advance-level drivers are adept at tackling more difficult terrains, are well-versed in navigational skills, and can effectively lead groups during offroading trips.

The subsequent level is called “Explorer,” indicating an advanced level of offroading expertise. Explorer-level drivers have extensive experience in various offroading scenarios, possess advanced technical skills, and are knowledgeable about the region’s offroading destinations. They actively explore new trails and share their experiences to benefit other members.

Finally, the highest level within Emirates Offroaders is “Marshal.” Marshals are experienced offroaders who demonstrate excellent leadership skills, extensive knowledge of offroading, and proficient abilities in assisting and guiding fellow offroaders. They play a crucial role in organizing club events, ensuring safety protocols are followed, and mentoring drivers at all levels. They can be recognized with a black Marshal Ts and their driving and commanding skills.

Emirates Offroaders places great emphasis on the readiness of drivers in terms of equipment. As drivers progress through the levels, they are expected to have the necessary full working equipment required for self-recovery and assisting fellow offroaders during offroading activities. This focus on preparedness ensures the safety and well-being of all club members.

Overall, Emirates Offroaders provides a structured and supportive platform for offroading enthusiasts in Dubai. Through their unique level-based system, emphasis on technical and people skills, and the importance of proper equipment, the group promotes safe and enjoyable offroading experiences for all its members.






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